Tuesday, June 28, 2011

SWTOR Vs. WoW: Is It Really A Rivalry?

For Star Wars fans that are anxiously waiting for the announcement of the TOR release date here is a cool article by Darth Hater: SWTOR Vs. WoW: Is It Really A Rivalry?

[ELECTRO] NĪ›TION - Kepler 2.0

My Windows 7 got corrupted, lost important data. Going to try to recover at least something, so I wont be posting much today. Here is a cool song in my absence.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Next Mars Rover in Action-Animation

Today I posted a successful test from NASA's new rover Curiosity and here I have the animation with narration! Check it out!

The Known Universe by AMNH

Really amazing! Found this on menshans' blog, check him out he has cool posts.

Successful test of an Autonomous Lander

To combat the silent lander incident of MPL on January 17 1999, NASA is taken big steps towards an autonomous lander. This is their first major successful test. For more information I suggest visiting NASA's website.